jean-christophe-jc asked:

Hi, i was wondering how you coloured your work? Do you do it by hand or do you scan your sketches and digitally add colour? I love your cosmos salt shaker btw, you should read the cosmicomics by italo Calvino, I'm sure his short stories would provide plenty of inspiration. Thanks

Hi! Thank for the message!!! I draw my work with pencil on drawing paper, sometimes I give gray tones to it and then color it on photoshop program. I sometimes add a little texture from things that I scan to give the feeling that I want. I’m gonna look for that book, I love Italo Calvino! Thanks for the recommendation, it is very very nice of you. 

Have a nice Sunday!

*Also, you can always see my work in progress projects on <Behance> and find how is the progress going to the final look.