I can’t decide so I do all of them I mean I like to paint, I like to draw digitally and I like to draw by pencil and use markers. I like to mix media. Draw by hand and make it digital. But somehow, I am jealous of some illustrators who are only using one method. Draw or paint by hand or just making digital artwork.

memento—vivere replied to your post: I don’t know when I will draw happy illustrations…

It will happen :)

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I love all the details and the colours you chose throughout your illustrationsoutofordi-n-arymind replied to your post: I don’t know when I will draw happy illustrations…
You don’t have to if you do not want to.Happy or sad, angry or calm;whatever you feel, you have a gift/talent and your own way to let go of these feelings:Drawing. It is not easy but:Ganbatte kudasai! Hang in there!(Just wanted to share my opinion.)

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I’m so lucky to have some friends who like to share their opinions and thouhts, so I can hear you. And that makes me so happy. Well, it’s been a long time I didn’t feel like to draw anything happy in my life. I think since May or June. I didn’t draw anything peaceful or happy. But you can think “Sky is melting again” piece as peaceful or happy or whatever, it doesn’t disturb you when you look at it.

I’m going through a hard time in my life. I am so sure of that in two months, it means next year in Jan, you can see me happy, content. I’ll be in my new room, its bigger than the one i’m living right now. I will have a bigger space to draw on papers. That makes me get excited a lot. I also have a coming up exhibition in February. I still don’t know if i can hang 60 or more artwork or not. hmhmhm

Lastly, I hope you have less problems and happier life there. Thanks for always being there. :-]