If an artist draws something for you (without being asked or paid) I don’t care if you like it or not you’d better thank them so hard you almost punch your own teeth out with your tongue because that means someone thought “this thing that I can get paid to do I did for free for you because I love you and think you’re worth dedicating my personal time and talent to” and if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit you’ve ever heard than get the fuck out of my face. 

That’s very true, I do that so many times.. People always forget to say something all the time.. 

I find asians adorable. i wish i had many asian friends. i don’t know why. i follow many tumblr pages which contain asian/people photos. i like to draw girls in my work resemble to asians. there is no reason why i wrote this, i just wanted to share my thoughts. i don’t write about my thoughts often. thanks for following and supporting me. have a nice sunday there.

if i can’t sell a thing i can’t buy nice zines and art of other artists i like.. also selling some work encourage me to produce more!

if you like my work  but can’t afford it, i like to receive your reblogs, thank you lovely people!!

I can’t decide so I do all of them I mean I like to paint, I like to draw digitally and I like to draw by pencil and use markers. I like to mix media. Draw by hand and make it digital. But somehow, I am jealous of some illustrators who are only using one method. Draw or paint by hand or just making digital artwork.